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I ended the last blog at the end of Saturday night. And I did a sunrise blog on Sunday, but I did not cover everything that happened Sunday morning. While I was walking along the beach taking photographs I ran across two people digging in the sand. Of course I had to be nosy and ask what they were digging for, and they politely told me dinner. I took a picture of whatever it was they were digging up. Maybe someone can identify them for me. They said they boil them up and eat them.

Carolina Beach Digging for dinner

One of the other things I noticed on the beach Sunday was a bunch of tents. I went up to see why they were all there and I found out they were holding an event called Life Rolls On. It was a very interesting event. People who are in wheelchairs and who have other disabilities are brought into the water on special wheelchairs and are also given the opportunity to float on surfboards. I wish I had gotten to stay for the event, but after getting caught in the rain I was very wet. They are also responsible for the wheelchair access onto the beach. I have not seen this at any other beach that I have visited, and believe me there have been many. As someone who was in a wheelchair for months last year, this is an amazing event for people who cannot normally get into the water. If you google Life Rolls On, there is about a five-minute video about this year’s event. I will be following them on Facebook, so hopefully I can volunteer at their next event. Now that would be FUN!!!!

Carolina Beach Life Rolls On Life Rolls On Carolina Beach

I did not really do any exciting on Monday, so I am going to skip over it since I am so far behind. I will start with Tuesday evening, when I met a friend at Rucker John’s. We decided to go to Rucker John’s because it was close and had half price wine bottles. I had been thinking about going downtown and finding some new drink specials, but we got a late start, so had dinner at Rucker John’s. We started with our half price bottle wine. I was not too hungry, so I only ordered the soup of the day, which was loaded baked potato soup. I could not resist getting a croissant with it. My friend was a little hungrier than me, so she decided to get a whole meal. She had the Cajun Shrimp Wrap. It had sautéed shrimp, Applewood bacon, shredded lettuce, chopped tomatoes, red onions, cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses. For her side, we shared some sweet potato fries. While we ate, we enjoyed the live music. I was hoping for dessert because they have some yummy ones, but I did not have enough room that night. I need more dessert pictures soon. Not to mention the desserts themselves.

Rucker John's Rucker John's Rucker John's Rucker John's Rucker John's Rucker John's

I will finish up Tuesday tomorrow. Tonight being Friday there are lots of venues having music. Be sure and check out the website. Not sure the reason, but The Clams wanted me to announce their event at Waterline Brewing is cancelled tonight. There is music at the riverwalk tonight. There is an Allman Brothers tribute band. I have tickets to John Hiatt at the Wilson Center tonight. I am sure I will be doing something either before and or after.

Well, that is all for me for today. I am a bit tired from the bar hopping down at the beach last night. Cannot wait to start posting those pictures. I also would like to get out and get a walk in on the beach. No matter if you go for a walk, or just hang out downtown or at one of the beaches, be sure to get out somewhere and have some FUN!!!!!

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