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As you can see by the dates above there will be no new blog tomorrow. I am taking a much-needed mini vacation. As much as I enjoy doing this, I still need a day or two, here and there to recharge my batteries. I hope you can all understand this and keep following.

I left off just as we were finishing lunch on Saturday in Mayfaire Town Center. When we left Zoe’s Kitchen, we headed over to Fox and Hound to meet some friends. They were having a fundraiser for Make-A-Wish at Fox and Hound. My friend’s daughter was one of the participants in the dunking competition. I did a live feed of her mom trying to dunk her on Facebook. If you have kids, you especially have to watch, at least until after she throws the first ball. The semi-dunk tank and some of the drink specials were made just to raise money for Make-A-Wish. While we were there, the people next to us ordered the hummus trio. They were not at their seats when it arrived, so I took a quick picture from my seat. My friends really like hummus, so I did it more for them than the blog. But since we did not eat there, I thought I would include it.

Fox and Hound Fox and Hound Fox and Hound Make A Wish Fundraiser Fox and Hound

Make A Wish Dunk Tank Fox and Hound Fox and Hound Fox and Hound

After dropping off one friend from the afternoon, I picked up another up for the evening. This is what I have come to call tag teaming. Any of my friends reading will laugh, because sometimes I can stay out for hours upon hours and it takes a few different shifts of people to keep up. Too much sugar from all the desserts. Okay, on with the evening. When I picked my friend up, we drove to the north side of town to Ogden Tap Room. She had never been there before and wanted dinner, so I suggested there. I have eaten at Ogden Tap Room a few times and they have numerous beers on tap. She ordered the Purple Haze. They had mimosas on special, so I went with one of those. My friend loved the menu. She was having a hard time deciding what to get. She finally went with the Jambalaya. She had offered to share with me, but I was still so full from lunch, I could not even eat a bite. Guess I should not have had the cake. We hung out for a bit and then she was tired from working that day, so I drove her home. I also went home and made an early night of Saturday, therefore letting me take all those beautiful pictures Sunday morning.

Ogden Tap Room Ogden Tap Room Ogden Tap Room Fox and Hound Ogden Tap Room

I will not be visiting any of these places tonight, but, there are Wake N Bake doughnuts at Hey Beer Bottle tonight from 5:00pm until 10:00pm. There is a Irish traditional session tonight at Waterline from 7:00pm until 9:00pm. Trivia at Might As Well with the Two Blondes starting at 8:00pm. As far as when I get back tomorrow the plan for the moment is the beach. There are fireworks at 9:00pm and karaoke at Silver Dollar and Buzz’s Roost at 10:00pm. There is also music before the fireworks at the Boardwalk and different venues afterwards. If you cannot make it to the beach Rebellion has Elena Woodward at 8:00pm and Dubliner has an after party with music at 9:00pm.

Well that is it for me for today. I need to go pack. If you want to know where I any going, guess you will have to check out Facebook or Instagram later. It is a beautiful day out, so remember to get out and have some FUN!!!!

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