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As promised, here is the blog that I was going to post yesterday. It concludes my Thursday night and hopefully all of Friday.

After the fireworks were over, I walked to Buzz’s Roost. The Rhythm Connection does karaoke there on Thursday night. They are new to the area, so if you have time come check them out. Karaoke does not start until 10:00pm. Slowly, some places have started changing the time to 9:00pm. The Rhythm Connection is a husband and wife team. Jacqui can really belt out a tune. I do have a live feed of her on Facebook from Thursday night, if you want to see them in action. She also took one of me. I should not have had the frozen margarita beforehand. Sorry, I am a bit animated in the video. LOL. I met some very people there on Thursday and did some duets with them. After a few songs, we went for a walk on the beach. It was a beautiful night.

Buzz's Roost Buzz's Roost Buzz's Roost Buzz's Roost Buzz's Roost

On Friday, I started the afternoon with lunch at Hurricane Alley with a friend. We sat on the second floor deck with a great view of the beach and Boardwalk. I ordered a chicken Caesar wrap. It is basically a Caesar salad in a wrap with chicken. It came with a side of potato salad. I could have gotten french fries, chips or coleslaw, but wanted a different picture. We sat up on the deck for a bit and enjoyed our beverages while I took some pictures. Usually when I am up there, it is for the fireworks and it is normally dark and very crowded. When we left we spent some time on the beach hanging out under an umbrella. That was a little different for me, since I am mostly on the beach for walking or gatherings. It was enjoyable just hanging out.

Hurricane Alley Hurricane Alley Hurricane Alley Hurricane Alley

After the beach, and grabbing a quick bite for dinner, we all went to Seawitch Cafe and Tiki Bar. They had a band named the Painted Man there. I was not familiar with them, so I wanted to take a listen. They were really good. I did a live feed of them on Facebook and also took a video of a couple of kids having FUN on the dance floor.

The Seawitch Cafe & Tiki Bar The Seawitch Cafe & Tiki Bar The Seawitch Cafe & Tiki Bar Painted Man The Seawitch Cafe & Tiki Bar

When we were finished there, we made one last stop at The Silver Dollar. I figure anyone visiting the island needs to stop there before they leave and try a Jell-o shot. We had been to karaoke the night before, but since we all enjoyed it, we figured we would do it again. I did not get a chance to do a live feed for Facebook, was too busy having FUN. Did great a few pictures though.

Silver Dollar Silver Dollar Silver Dollar

That was it was the rest of Thursday and Friday. Had a wonderful time, and that was just the start of the weekend. The weekend is over and I am sure there will be many things to see and do this week too. If it does not rain, I may run over to The Blockade Runner and help with the beach sweep at 5:30pm. If I am over that way I may even pop into the sip and paint at Wine & Design on Military Cutoff. It starts at 6:30pm.

Well, that is it for me today. Not sure yet what I am doing, but just like you, I need to get out and have some FUN!!!

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