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I had a different blog almost all finished for this morning, but I opted to let it wait until tomorrow. It took me almost two years, but I finally managed to get up for a sunrise here. It was one of the most amazing experiences I have had since moving to the beach. Normally as you all have come to know, I am a night owl. Last night was the first Saturday in a long time that I was home before nine. I had a long couple of days showing someone new the beach area, so I was ready for a little rest. I will be sure to post it tomorrow though.

My blog plans changed when I got up at 5:55am this morning and looked outside and decided this was the day to go watch the sunrise. Not sure what the reason was behind it, but I am so happy I did it. I was hoping to get to Fort Fisher to watch, but as I was watching the minutes tick away on my clock as I was driving down, the thought of Carolina Beach being five to ten minutes closer was appealing. I did not want to miss anything, since face it, when will I be up this early again. LOL. I parked on Hamlet, kicked off my shoes and headed toward the beach. I was surprised to see so many people on the beach at that time of the morning. But as I started to take the time to enjoy the absolute beauty of the horizon, I could see why so many would get up early to have this experience. I always love the beach when I need to really think about important things. It is such a calming place, hearing the waves crash. Not sure about anyone else, but it clears my mind of the white noise of life. Watching the sunrise, brought it to a whole new level. As most of you know who read the blog, I do walk on the beach quite a lot. I have gone in the evening at sunset, during the hottest part of the day, have even gone for a moonlight stroll, and enjoyed a fire, but nothing compared to this. I know this is not my usual blogging style. It is more about the restaurants and bars and what they have to offer. I wanted to take this morning to show what the beach itself has to offer, and how much I appreciate being able to live in such a beautiful place. Hopefully these do not look too much alike for you all. It just thrilled me to see the colors change in an instant with the rain falling and cloud cover dissipating. I was soaked when I left the beach, but I did not care. I almost did a selfie, which I stink at, just to show everyone the smile on my face. I know it hard to get up in the morning, but these pictures do not justice to the seeing a sunrise live. I did do a live feed on Facebook for a bit, but still not the same. I know life is busy, but if you live here, please take time out every once in a while to enjoy some of the natural beauty we have here. And if your tourist, roll out of bed, watch the amazing sight and go back to the hotel for a cat nap.

Sunrise Carolina Beach Sunrise Carolina Beach Sunrise Carolina Beach Sunrise Carolina Beach Sunrise Carolina Beach

Sunrise Carolina Beach Sunrise Carolina Beach Sunrise Carolina Beach Sunrise Carolina Beach Sunrise Carolina Beach

Sunrise Carolina Beach Sunrise Carolina Beach Sunrise Carolina Beach Sunrise Carolina Beach

That is all for me today, hopefully I did not bore you all with describing our little piece of paradise. As far as the rest of today, not sure anything I can do will compare, and I think it may continue to rain on and off all day. I was hoping to have bunch at Le Catalan later, but wanted to sit outside, so that may have to wait. Dos Eddies will play inside at Gibby’s at 1:00, if it is still raining. I have not done as many of the museums and things as I would like here, so I may check to see what is open. Right now, I would be happy just to chill with a cup of tea.

Rain or not, please get out and have some FUN!!!!

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