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Sorry the last blog was not up for long. I had a little computer issue. They are archived, so if you missed yesterday’s blog, it should be right underneath this one. The summer is just flying by. I cannot believe it is almost the middle of August already.

Wednesday was a pretty laid back day for me. I had a lot of meetings and some paperwork to get caught up on, so my only stop was at Port City Java. I had never been to one. Guess when you do not drink coffee, they are not high on your list of places to go. I, of course, had an iced tea while I was there and took a couple of pictures before my meeting. The one I was at is located on 17th Street by the hospital.

Port City Java Port City Java Port City Java

Thursday on the other hand was a whole different story. We were quite busy. We started with a trip to Bluewater Grill. We were going to meet some people from Prime Lending, but when we got to Bluewater Grill we went up to the second floor and there were people from Movement Mortgage up there. We knew a few people up there so we hung out for a bit, had a drink and a few appetizers. We had the opportunity to meet some really nice people from Movement Mortgage. We then apologized for crashing their party, they were very gracious about it, and we went downstairs to the original destination. We met Ben Hawkins from Prime Lending who was throwing the party and some of the people he works with, that were there. We had a couple of drinks and some appetizers with them. The coconut shrimp were so good, I could not get a picture of them because they were gone too fast. We also had some calamari and crab dip. It was a very nice event. We spoke about getting together and discussing the possibility of doing a joint event in the future. They were such a nice group, I hope we have that opportunity.

Blue Water Grill Blue Water Grill Blue Water Grill Wrighstville Beach Blue Water Grill Blue Water Grill

After leaving Bluewater Grill, I headed down to Carolina Beach by myself. There are only a few more weeks of Thursday night fireworks, so I was hoping to get one or two more in before they end. I was a tad too late so I had to watch from the street. This was a very different location for me. I am usually at Hurricane Alley, on the beach itself or at least somewhere on the Boardwalk. The high ones are just as nice from the street, but I could not get a good look at the lower ones. That is okay, they have a couple more I can attend.

Carolina Beach Carolina Beach Fireworks

I think this is a good spot for me to leave off. I did stay at the beach for a bit, so I will tell you about that tomorrow. As far as today, here are a few options I might be checking out. There is a Make Wish Fundraiser at Fox and Hound this afternoon. Not sue what kilts, beer, discs and BBQ exactly entails at Good Hops Brewing from 3:00pm – 6:00pm, but I might check that out. Wilmy Woodie food truck is at The Mad Mole from 6:00pm until 9:00pm, so that is also an option, especially since Soul-R-Fusion plays there tonight too. I may go to the north side of town and hear Dos Eddies play at Liberty Tavern at 8:00 and then maybe swing by and see John Hussman at Time Out Sports Bar, since I have never been there and he starts at 9:00pm.

So many things to do and so little time. Not sure what I am doing tonight, but I am sure you all want to get out tonight and have some FUN!!!!

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