Good Morning,

Another beautiful morning. It looks like it is going to be nice out all week. How awesome.

Saturday night we left off on our way to the beach. Upon arriving at the beach, we headed to Seawitch Cafe and Tiki Bar. The band Machine Gun was playing. You can check out the live feed on our Facebook page. We stayed for a bit and had a drink. They had $5.00 Lunazul 100% Agave Tequila as one of the drink specials. We decided to go over to the Silver Dollar for a little karaoke. We sang a few songs and danced a little. It was starting to get late so we headed back over the bridge. On the way home we thought we would go to one more place, so we stopped at Cody’s III for a nightcap. That was the rest of our evening. Sorry we did not have any pictures of the evening. I unfortunately used up my battery on the live feeds and all the pictures earlier that day.

As I said in yesterday’s blog, I was going to over to Wrightsville Beach. I went later in the day so I could check out the band Port City Shakedown at Bluewater Grill. I had been to Bluewater Grill before, but it was in the winter, so I had never enjoyed the waterfront there. It has really nice outdoor seating and a patio area. The band had a large area in which to play and have people dance. I was please to see people up dancing. From the people I talked to there, I guess last year they played on the other end of the restaurant outside. I was going to grab a bite to eat while I was there, but there was no bar seating outside because of the band. I could have inside to eat at the bar, but it was way too beautiful of a day to be indoors. I did enjoy a good glass of wine while looking at the water and meeting some very nice people. I always like being able to listen to music on a Sunday afternoon. I find it very relaxing. I am hoping to find many more places that have music on a Sunday and be able to list them for you on the website.

Outdoor Seating Bluewater Waterfront Grill Bluewater Waterfront Grill Port City Shakedown Bluewater Waterfront Grill

Just a reminder, if you have not checked out the homepage, please do. We have been adding to the list every day of the items in the giveaway basket. Remember to enter all you need to do is Like our Facebook page.

We are currently working on a few more Thank You T-shirts events. Wilmington Shark Fans, this is for you. I have 50 Wilmington Sharks ticket vouchers to give as Thank You T-shirts gifts.They are good for any home game this season. For each t-shirt purchased we will give a Wilmington Shark Voucher. This is not good with other Thank You Events. Currently this is only available online. We will let you know when we have determined a pick-up location or event for this.

Well that is all for this morning. Please checkout Facebook later around 10:15-10:30am, I will be doing a live feed from The Art Works as teams work on their space for the Habitat for Humanity benefit this weekend.

Enjoy the sunshine and have FUN!!!!

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