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The sun trying to peak through those clouds this morning. Beautiful day for a walk on the beach. I hope I have time today.

Yesterday we left off at the end of dinner on Friday night. We are trying to get our friend that does not go out with us as much to hit the 100 bar mark, so we decided to get creative. We happen to be down by the Riverwalk and saw Blue Post Billiards. We had only been there once with the Haunted Pub Crawl, so we thought this would be a good option. We walked around the whole bar first before ordering a drink. They had all sorts of things to do there. We saw dart boards, skee ball, video games and of course, pool tables. We stayed for a bit to finish our drink and for me to watch the end of the hockey game.

Blue Post Billiards The Bar Playing Pool Games

Next stop, another new bar for her, but not for us, Pravda. It was still early for that crowd, so there were probably only a dozen people there. We sat at the bar trying to decide what to order. The infused vodkas looked interesting, so we tried them. First was the pineapple infused vodka. The bartender mixed it with a little more pineapple juice, and some ice. I originally thought it was just the ice. I noticed when we ordered the apple cinnamon. Again, she was pouring something into the shaker and asked what it was after we got the shots and she said cranberry juice. I was a little disappointed, because I though if you ordered them as a shot it would not have anything else in it. They were good, but still would have liked to taste them without the added flavors. So if you order them, be sure to ask for them straight, if you want to know the taste, if not, the mixture is good. They also have a bar in the back passed the dance floor, that is open a little later in the evening.

The Bar Pravda Pravda The back bar

Our friend decided it was time to go home, so she left us on own. We were walking down Front Street and started to hear music. We followed the music and ended up at The Calico Room. Number 196 for me. I am kinda of excited to be nearing the 200 mark. I can’t believe there are that many bars/restaurants around here and so many more I have not been to yet. I have a couple friends that are out of town at the moment, so when they come back, we will have to plan on where to celebrate 200. I remember celebrating 100 at The Reel Cafe. Sorry, back to The Calico Room. A band named Elephant Convoy was playing. The place was packed. There was a $5.00 cover charge, just as an FYI. The band was really good. I look forward to following up with them. I took a few pictures of the band playing and of us enjoying our visit to The Calico Room.

Elephant Convoy The Calico Room The Calico Room The Calico Room Elephant Convoy

Since Friday was such a long day, and night, I went for something different and easy on Saturday. I went out the box and tried Wilmington’s Own Holistic & Psychic Fair. There were way more people there then I expected. It was interesting. I went to a couple of the free talks, walked around to see the different vendors and even went to a psychic medium for my first time. She did pretty well knowing things about me and my family. We will have to see about the things happening in my future before I can comment further. I did learn a lot about the process and the people. I am glad I went, because this is a FUN activity. You really need to go in with an open mind. Apparently they have these a few times a year. The cost to get in was $7.00 and yes there is an extra charge for the mediums and psychics.

Painting with Angels Vendor Crystal Vendor

Well, that was it for Friday and Saturday. Sorry I did not go out Saturday night, but needed some time to veg out. Today is going to be a music day down at the beach. Look for some live feeds on Facebook, and some pictures tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day and get out and have some FUN!!!!!

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