Good Morning,

The sun is definitely shining this morning. I am off to an early start, after a late night last night.

We started with a t-shirt sale at Tastebuds Popcorn in Carolina Beach. We met some very nice people and even sold a couple of shirts. While we were there, we realized we had not been downtown lately for a Friday night, so off we went. The first stop, Rebellion. It is brand new, so of course we had to try it. We were waiting for another person, so we sat at the bar. My friend ordered a pint. We loved the glasses and took a picture to share. They had a great selection of beers, but their wine list was very short for me. They do though have a full bar. While waiting we were intrigued with an appetizer on the menu called The Garbage Pail. It was mac-n-cheese with a smoked pork shoulder, slaw and topped with chilies. We gave it a try. It was pretty tasty. The slaw gave it a nice color too. They had quite a few different appetizers to choose from on the menu. While we were enjoying drinks, a huge pretzel went by. It looked like a whole meal, it was so big. Four people could easily share that as an appetizer. Sorry we did not order it, just for the sake of a picture. Our friend arrived and it was off to the next place.

Rebellion Rebellion The Garbage Pail Rebellion

The Reel Cafe was next on the list. Between the big screen television outside, the rooftop and karaoke, not sure how many times I have been there, but it is a lot. This was my first time eating there. Taking some time to look at the menu, the three of us decided to go with appetizers. It was getting a little late in the evening for a big meal. Although ordering three appetizers was a lot of food. We started with The Crab Dip. It came with Pita points for dipping. Next on the list was the Surfboard Nachos. We were torn between those and the regular nachos. We opted for the Surfboard Nachos because they were a little different. They had baked beans and pickles on them, among other toppings. As you can see by the picture, we probably could have ordered them and had enough for the three of us. We did end up leaving some behind. The last appetizer was a Quesadilla. We thought with the meat on the nachos and the crab, we could skip adding the meat to these. I am really glad we did. First, we had way too much food. Second, unfortunately you cannot tell by the picture, but there were so many yummy things in it. There were black olives, tomatoes, not sure what else, but I did not even use any of the sides that came with it.

The Reel Cafe Crab Dip Close-up The Reel Cafe Surfboard Nachos The Reel Cafe The Bar

I must say it was a typical Friday night for us. That’s right I will have to continue last night tomorrow. We had three more stops, plus we are going to the Wilmington’s Own Holistic & Psychic Fair today. I have never been to anything like this, so it should be interesting. I am going incognito today. No Wilmington Fun t-shirt. Cannot wait to check it out. The best part of this job, is trying so many things that I may not have or even thought of doing before this.

Get out, enjoy the beautiful day and have FUN!!!!!

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