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I thought I would take this opportunity to say thank you to all the people who have currently signed up to follow our blog. We are working hard to get as much information as possible on the website. It is taking a bit more time than we were hoping, but each day we are adding to the site.

I have had a lot of questions as to how the t-shirts will work, so I thought I would take a moment to hopefully explain it better. The t-shirts are sold for $25.00. After buying the t-shirt it will get you into any Special Event that Wilmington Fun arranges. These events are going to be starting in June. We will be posting them starting in mid-May. These events could be any number of things. We are currently working on discounts in some of the shops, special appetizer platters in the restaurants, free sharks game and a number of other options. This year’s t-shirt will get you into all the events for the 2018 year.

How to get a t-shirt. There are several ways to get a t-shirt. You can order one online and have it shipped or there are a couple of pick up locations. Downtown they are available at Platypus & Gnome. On the North side of town, they can be picked up at Atlantic Spa and Billiards. During the months of April and May, we are having something called thank you events. On the bottom of the homepage is a list of thank you t-shirt events. This will be the first savings or special that you will receive from purchasing a t-shirt. Most of these events will give you a $5.00 certificate to spend or a free item, depending on the event you chose. These events will only be in April and May this year. After that, you will have to purchase online or purchase at the event you wish to attend.

Hopefully that has answered some of your questions. If you still have a question regarding the t-shirts or anything else on the website, please feel to leave us a comment and we will get back to you.

This particular blog will be up today and tomorrow, since the office will be in the process of moving. Please look for a new blog on Wednesday. It will actually be about the wine tastings, appetizers and desserts we did last Tuesday evening. Some of these are weekly events, so I am hoping to be able to be in contact with those businesses to be able to list their events very soon.

We hope you continue to checkout Wilmington Fun on a regular basis and please tell your friends about us. The more followers we get, the more easily information comes to us. We look forward to expanding after the move and providing you with more FUN. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Have a good day and remember to get out and have some FUN!!!!!

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