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It has been some weekend. My birthday lasted four days and I am not even sure how many stops we made along the way, but I have lots of pictures to share.

I believe we left off at Saturday morning. It was beautiful out, so we wanted to try the Beach Bacon & Beer Festival. Since it was the first one, we did not know what to expect. There were lots of people at the Festival. It seemed like it had a great concept, but we were a little frustrated along with some of the other people we met. It was hard to determine what lines belonged to what vendors and if they were doing samples or just purchases. I must say we did not stay long. But, we did have fun at the wine tents. We were able to sample several wines from Noni Bacca and Silver Coast Winery. They had a few beer tents as well. The music was really good too. We had fun, but are looking forward to a smoother run next year. Being new ourselves, we know it takes a bit to work out all the kinks.

Latella Bacon Gelato Port City Pirate Candy Bacon Salsa The crowd Beach Bacon & Beer Festival Beach Bacon & Beer Festival

We decided because the weather was so nice, we would take a walk down to the Boardwalk. After walking a bit, we passed Carolina Smokehouse. It is new to the Boardwalk, so of course, we needed to try it. The drink menu had so many options. Too many for me to pick, so I asked for the prettiest drink. I was presented with the Ocean Drive. It was Coconut Rum, Blue Curacao, OJ, Pineapple and Cranberry Juice. Could be my new favorite on the Island. Although a good margarita will never be turned down. As far as food, we were not too hungry yet, but knowing that we were going to spend several hours at the beach, we should snack. The option that gave us the most choices was the slider trio. It included a chicken, beef and a pork slider along with some french fries. While we were waiting for our food we started talking to the people at the table next to us. Happens a lot when we wear Wilmington Fun t-shirts, which is terrific. They had ordered Onion Rings and said we had to take a picture of them, even though they had eaten half of them. They also told us the onion rings were delicious. Our food then arrived and after I took pictures we tasted all the delicious meats. My favorite was the pork. As we finished up, it was suggested to us that we try a dessert wine from the Chocolate Shop. It looked good, but was not what we wanted at the moment. I am sure at some point we will go back for it.

The Bar Ocean Drive Carolina Smokehouse Carolina Smokehouse BBQ Sliders Carolina Smokehouse

Since the next two places we went only entailed one drink at each place. I will be brief. The Fat Pelican was next on the list since we needed to pass it on our walk back. I wanted to include the Fat Pelican for all the people who have not tried it. I apologize that I did not get any pictures of the outdoor seating, which is a totally cool place to hang out, especially late in the day in fall. What I did want to show everyone was the cooler they have indoors. That is where Ninety percent of there options are. It is great to be able to walk into the cooler and have so many choices of beer and malt beverage products. They also have ciders and wine available. Regardless if you are a tourist or a long time resident, if you have never been here, it is a must see.

The ceiling The cooler The Fat Pelican From back of cooler

The last place I will talk about today is Good Hops Brewery. It is a little off the beaten path, but worth it. They some great craft beers, and some wine. There is no food available, but the game selection is good. They have a huge Jenga outside by the stage. They also have Frisbee Golf, which I still need to try and some board games for those choosing to just sit and enjoy. I will elaborate on this place more another time when we stay a while.

Good Hops Brewery Cool Glass Carolina Beach Good Hops Brewery The store

Well that takes care of a good part of Saturday. I know this one ran a little long. I will finish and catch up on tomorrow’s blog, hopefully. Because after this weekend, I need a night off. It was great fun, but two days of being out for almost twelve hours, even I need a nap.

Make sure you get out today and have FUN!!!

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