Good Morning,

Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful morning. Sorry that it is Saturday and I am just starting to talk about Thursday. There were many unplanned, but welcomed visits for my birthday. So let’s get started.

Thursday was my actual birthday. I love sushi, so we thought Yoshi Sushi especially because they have such awesome drink specials. An added plus, my daughter joined us, so I had a designated driver if needed. Always good for a birthday celebration. We started out with a few different Sake Martinis. Pictured below are the Geisha Girl, my favorite, the Cucumber Mulan and The Tiny Tokyo. They were all very good. I had the Geisha Girl, but tried the others. I also had to try their drink of the day, which was an Arnold Palmer Mojito. That was also delicious and pictured below. We had gone early to take advantage of the select half price appetizers and rolls. We started with Kani Salads, Sumai, Gyoza and Edamame. This is where I need to apologize. I took a picture of the Kani Salad, and then the rest of the appetizers came I did not get a chance to take pictures before they were gone. So when the rolls and the rest of our dinner came, I forgot until there were only a few pieces left from a couple rolls. Hoping I get a pass, since it was my birthday and all. Plus if you search the blog, I have been to Yoshi Sushi before and took some wonderful pictures. After dinner we tried the Tempura Cheesecake. And of course, I got a picture of that. Everyone had a little bite and we brought the rest home, since my one of my very good friends had made a special lemon dessert for us. That was great too. I could not believe how much food I ate. I better get to the beach soon for a long walk. I knew the weekend could possibly be one long party, so we called it a night.

Yoshi Sushi Yoshi Sushi Yoshi Sushi Yoshi Sushi Yoshi Sushi Yoshi Sushi

And right I was. Friday afternoon we started to celebrate again. We started with a trip to Rucker Johns. I have been there several times and enjoy their food. They had $4.00 Cosmopolitans, so we figured why not. I have a picture of one below. Sadly this is the only picture we took while out to lunch. We were sitting outside and it was a little windy, so we did not take pictures, as I was have trouble keeping my napkin from blowing away and the salt shaker from standing upright. You kind of needed to be there, but it was comical. Even though there are no pictures, we did have a couple appetizers. We enjoyed the Boneless Buffalo Wings and the Potato Skins, although I know they call them something different there. That really hit the spot, since I did not have anything to eat since dinner the night before.


I think I am going to stop there for now. I did have several more hours of stops yesterday, so maybe I can cover most of them tomorrow. I believe we are beach bound tonight, but you never know. I could get an early start.

Be sure to get out today and have FUN!!!!

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