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Have been having the most awesome birthday week. So many places we have gone and not enough time to blog, so some stops may a little out of order for the next few days.

As you may recall, Wednesday had so many stops, I needed to continue today with them. We started our evening Wednesday with a brief trip to Art in Bloom Gallery, downtown. They were having a wine and cheese reception for Bob Bryden. Art in Bloom will be featuring Bob, along with Harold Hodges for the next few weeks. If you have not had a chance, when one of these come up, you should try it. Some of the artist are so interesting, and they take he time to tell you about their art. Some tell of their inspiration, others the techniques they use, either way there are good stories involved. This particular gallery is also part of fourth Friday downtown. You should take the time to check them out.

Bob Bryden Art in Bloom Art in Bloom Harold Hodges

After having a little art appreciation time, we decided to appreciate some wine. Lol. We popped over to Waterline Brewery for their monthly wine tasting and pairings. I must say this was probably the best pairing I have seen there. Each month seems to be better than the last. This month they featured four wines with a pairing for each. The pairings were supplied by Cheese Smith. I was talking to the owner and it sounds like they are going to have a Grilled Cheese food truck. I will hopefully be in contact with her some, so I can give you more information on that. I do have some pictures of the food they prepared for the wine tasting below .Sorry a couple are a little blurry, I had to get the pictures quick. Next time I will have to get there just a tad earlier so I can take a picture of the wine paired with the food. By the way, all were amazing. I think this a great function they have once a month. Personally, being a wine drinker, I always love the opportunity to try new wines without having to buy the whole bottle first.

Waterline Brewery Cheese Smith Waterline Brewery Cheese Smith

After enjoying all our appetizers, we decided that we needed just a tad more food. We talked about it and thought, let’s try some place new. So Benny’s Big Time Pizzeria here we come. We took a couple of pictures of the inside. It is terrific when they can preserve any part of these old buildings. Enough about the architecture, time to get to the food. We started with some wine. We had a Pinot Grigio called Giocato. I wanted something lighter since we had just tasted a few wines and was not sure what we were going to order yet. We figured that since it was called a pizzeria, we needed to order a pizza. We found a pizza called Kevin McAllister that sounded cool. It was Grayson taleggio, mozzarella and hot honey. It was delicious. I really enjoyed the crust too. It was very light and tasty. I snapped a couple of pictures. I love the empty tomato cans as the pizza stand. And for my reuse, recycle friends, this place has green take home containers. We found that out when we could not finish the pizza, because, you guessed it, we needed dessert. We had the Potato Zeppole. The description they have is lemon thyme glaze, coriander, sugar and affogato. Our description was fabulous. We had the vanilla gelato to go with it. I would totally recommend this dessert, even if you are full. This may have to go on my list of loves. They open at 4:00pm during the week, and I think 11:00am on the weekends. Even if you sit at the bar and just have dessert, give them a try.

Reclaiming old building Benny's Big Time Pizzeria Benny's Big Time Pizzeria Yummy pizza Benny's Big Time Pizzeria Benny's Big Time Pizzeria

Well at least I finally finished Wednesday. I will catch up soon enough.

Busy weekend all around the city, so please be careful. Though you can still go out and have FUN!!!!

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