Good Morning,

Yesterday was very interesting. I ended up doing a variety of activities. Trying not to let my hand injury get in the way of my FUN.

I started off the day with a trip to Sumthin Beachie. I needed to do a little shopping for my new office space. They always have some neat nautical themed artwork and furniture. I took a long look around and found several things that I liked. Some of which I do not have the space for, like the cool pink flamingo below. I did not get a picture, but they have a great 50% off room in the back. It usually has some great finds. Yes, I have been there before. Today I found a lamp and a couple small things to hang on the wall. I have to admit I did not spend as much time as I would have liked to today. There is just so much to see. It means there will be another trip in my future. Maybe for that big picture with all the chairs at the beach. I need a place to hang it first. They also have another building behind them with lots of furniture. Like I said, you can spend a lot of time there. Well, I made my purchase and I am on to the next stop.

Sumthin Beachie Shopping at the Beach Sumthin Beachie Furniture & Nautical Consignments Sumthin Beachie Nautical items

Which was to Buzz’s Roost for a late lunch. Apparently I was not the only one thinking that way. Right after I sat down, the place started filling up. I started with a drink since on Tuesday it is half-price liquor and $2.00 domestic bottles. This will continue right on through the tourist season. Awesome!!!! I have been there several times, but it has always been at night. This was actually the first time I have ever eaten here. Every time I go in, I am told, you have to order the macaroni and cheese bread bowl. Seemed odd to me, so I had to order it. I can see why they do it now. After you eat the macaroni out of the bread bowl, it leaves you with a nice cheesy soft bread to munch on. You can also order their chili or chowder in a bread bowl too. I figured since that on its own would not make for interesting pictures, I ordered the Angri Ahi Tacos too. There was way too much food for me. I had to bring some home. I would like to go back on a day without rain and be able to sit outside. It looks nice out there. Sorry, as I said, with the rain, no pictures. I headed home to put my leftovers in the fridge. I think I need to start carrying a cooler with me.

Buzz's Roost Drink Specials The Bar Buzz's Roost Buzz's Roost Buzz's Roost

Later that evening I headed back down toward the beach for some Karaoke at HopLite Irish Pub. Party Gras was hosting. They take lots of pictures. I shared them on Wilmington Fun’s page this morning. In case anyone wants to take a look. On the way home I made a stop at Cody’s III for a very long game of left-handed darts with a very nice gentlemen I met at HopLite. I am hoping to introduce him to one of my friends. That could be a whole other story.LOL

That is it for my long and exhausting day. Trying to keep today a little mellow since bday is tomorrow.

Get out, enjoy the sun and remember to have FUN!!!!!

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