Good Morning,

I had such fun day yesterday. It is such a pleasure living in this area, even on a rainy day.

There I was out and about driving in the rain, when I said to myself, where should I go to eat today. I reflected on the past few days, because I wanted to try something different. Also, my birthday is this week, so I have made plans for places to go for that too. I ended up at new outdoor mall called The Pointe. I am not sure if that is still considered Monkey Junction or not. I still have questions about where some boundaries begin and end.

Enough about that. As you can see from the heading, I decided on Tavern on 17th. Which I was glad I did, because I bumped into a friend of mine and his wife. What a great couple. We all ordered something different for lunch, so I have lots of pictures for you. After much deliberation, the Parmesan Risotto with Salmon was mine. It came with roasted red peppers, red onions and baby spinach. It was delicious. I had gotten a house salad first, not expecting the entree to be so large. My friends had ordered the Nachos and the Tavern Burger. They both looked amazing. My friend said that was one of the best burgers he ever had. Look at the Bacon!!! I took a real close up of both, because I wanted you all to see how delicious it looked. The Nachos were a little different. The tortilla chips were topped with a Black Bean Relish, Jalapenos, Scallions, Lettuce, Sour Cream and a choice of Beef, Pulled Pork or Chicken topped with warm cheese. Yummy. Now of course since it is my birthday week, I need to try as many desserts as possible. Today I had a choice between cheesecake and a brownie sundae. That was a no brainer. The sundae won. Look at that picture. It was one pretty looking sundae, until I started eating it.

Tavern on 17th Parmesan Risotto with Salmon Tavern on 17th Tavern on 17th Tavern Nachos

Tavern on 17th Tavern on 17th Tavern on 17th Tavern on 17th

I had been to Tavern on 17th a few times before with various people. I had been at night while the fire pit was on outside. It is absolutely beautiful. I found a picture in my archives. Sorry about the wine intrusion. The pictures I have of outside today are not the best since it has been raining all day. I also took a few of the inside since I went at an off time and there were not too many people there.

Tavern on 17th Tavern on 17th Tavern on 17th Restaurant Tavern on 17th

Today I am heading to the beach later. Hopefully getting in a walk, but after that I will be off to Buzz’s Roost and The Pit for their celebration. They will be having $2.00 Domestic bottles and 1/2 price bar. So join me down on the Boardwalk later if you get a chance. I will be the one with the big hand bandage on my right hand trying to take lots of pictures. Lol. So, please be sure to say HI!!!!

Well, that is all for me today. Hope you have a great day and be sure to have some FUN!!!!

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