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For those who observe, I would like to wish you a Happy Easter. For others, Happy Sunday.

Today is the first official day for Wilmington Fun. We are not your ordinary guide. Not only do we list drink specials, music, and other fun things to do, we also find ways to let you participate in the fun. That’s right. You can join other members of Wilmington Fun with Special Events, listed below. If you follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you will also know where we are periodically to join us in spontaneous fun around the area. Be sure read the Blog, Follow the FUN. That will let you know what we have been up to and sometimes where we are going next. This guide is great if you are a visitor, new to the area or even a long time local. We are continually making additions of new places. Also, please be sure to check out Breaking FUN. This will be a catch-all for last-minute events and things that do not fit into a current category. Music is updated daily. Please feel free to leave comments and questions. We look forward to meeting all the FUN people in Wilmington.

I thought I would talk about Friday night out with the girls. We had an awesome time. We started at the Slainte downtown for a quick drink. From there, we went to 141 North Restaurant and Lounge. I know I have blogged about it before, but my original intent was to take Friday night off, since I already had material for Saturday’s blog. But then I figured with the Final Four last night, I would not be doing too much hopping around, so off to work I went. We started with a drink. I had the The Carolina. It is Skyy Citrus, Blue Curaco, lime juice, citrus sour and Sprite. I highly recommend this on a warm night. It was very refreshing. We were not hungry, but had to order a couple of appetizers while we were there. One of my friends cannot pass up an opportunity to share crab dip when we are out. Along with the crab dip, we ordered the Alligator Bites. These were a little bit on a spicy side, so I ended up eating most of those. We enjoyed the trumpet player while we were indulging in our appetizers. They generally have a jazz musician there on Friday and Saturday nights.

141 North Restaurant & Lounge Crab Dip 141 North Restaurant & Lounge 141 North 141 North Restaurant & Lounge

Next it was off to Pour Taproom. Neither of my friends had been and it is a little bit different from the average bar. In case you have not been there either, here is what happens. You go in, show your ID and credit card. They will in turn, give you a bracelet to use at the taps. When you find a beer that you want, you place the bracelet near the tap and pour as much or as little as you would like. If you happen to not drink beer, like me, they have a special vault in which you can do the same with wine. They have many taps downstairs with a variety of beers. If you go upstairs, there are two sets of taps with North Carolina beers on tap. I took a few fun pictures while I was there.

Pour Taproom Pour Taproom Pour Taproom Pour Taproom Pour Taproom Pour Taproom

We made a couple of other stops along the way. I posted those on Instagram and Facebook. There is a great video of some people doing Irish Car Bombs at Paddy’s Hollow. A very FUN evening. Thank you to my friends for sharing it with me.

Do not forget our offices our moving this week. There may be a lapse on Tuesday and/or Wednesday with our music. I will probably leave a generic picture up for the blog, but it will change each day.

Thank you again for choosing to read this. I hope you are enjoying it and will be sending comments soon. Remember to get out today and have some FUN!

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